Custom Remodeling Details Gallery

Living rooms are so often the focal point of our home's interior. In many cases, though, they show little more than a shadow of their potential. If you want to give your house and living room some personality, get in touch with us and let us work with you to figure out how best to use the space, and what modifications might make this a room you truly enjoy being in. In many cases, while working together with us, our clients discover that some well-thought-out but relatively inexpensive changes can lead to dramatic results. Please contact us at (847) 695-0414 to discuss your needs and desires for this central space.


Pergola Installation


Home Office Examples


In addition to enhancing the look of a room, custom built-ins can turn even a small space into a highly functional home office.

Dining Room Details


Custom Fireplace & Entertainment Center


In this living room, we provided the homeowners not only with custom built-ins to house all of their electronic needs, but also with a new, "perfect-for-them" fireplace. A fireplace is another opportunity to make a bold statement in your house. So many new builds come with cookie-cutter fireplaces that lack any visual appeal. While they do their job, they somehow don’t seem to be doing as much as they could. Maximize the potential of this home accent! If you would like to discuss the many options for making your fireplace and living room spaces that really reflect who you are, please call or fill out our Contact form today.

Buffet Station & Custom Fireplace


Tying a room together while increasing its functionality can be a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity. For these homeowners, the central piece was creating a custom entertainment center that tied together the living room and the dining room, as well as providing the optimal space for the TV and entertainment system. Enjoy the benefits of a custom piece in your home without being charged custom pricing. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals and ideas for your living room space.